The Martians have been amassing an army of killer robots. Your job, as a rover of Mars, is to find out why this army is being built and to stop it from being used to wage a war against Earth.

To do this, you will of course need to find the five purple keys and ascend to the top of an ancient Martian pyramid of mysterious origin.

"The Mars Rover" was created (mostly) live on stream as part of a series known as "The Joy of ZZT". Its goal was to demonstrate how someone with no experience with ZZT could still create a game with it. The game is fairly simple and mostly takes inspiration from classic early ZZT worlds by Tim Sweeney and Alexis Janson.

Standalone Version:

The standalone download includes the game's ZZT file and documentation. To run locally, extract the zip into a directory which contains a copy of ZZT v3.2 and the latest version of Zeta to run on a modern computer.


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ZZT File Only (Requires ZZT and Zeta) 21 kB

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