ZZT world created for Ludum Dare 48.

A web version is hosted on the Museum of ZZT and can be played in browse at: https://museumofzzt.com/play/d/ORE-GONE-MUSEUM.zip

The theme for the contest was "Deeper and Deeper". It was created under a 48 hour deadline and submitted to the compo rather than the jam.

Story is provided in the ZZT world itself. I have 56 minutes to write this and package it.

Gameplay involves controlling the velocity of a minecart and collecting various gems and minerals before time runs out. The game is a score attack and there is no way to lose. Various gates open and close throughout the mines which change the path your minecart will take. Pressing the spacebar will toggle the open/closed state of all gates on the board.

More details included in the game's readme (ORE-GONE.TXT) as well as within the game itself.

=== Run zeta86.exe to play ===


Game + Zeta + ZZT (Windows x64) 851 kB
Game Only 18 kB

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